Start a ReThink Chapter at your school and become an ambassador for your school and community!

We invite you to start a ReThink chapter at your school, library, or community institution and become ambassadors for the ReThink movement. Leaders of a ReThink chapter take a pledge to spread the power of ReThink among their peers at their school, library or in their community. These student leaders work with the ReThink Chapter Team throughout the year to meet fund-raising, technology, and activity goals. To learn more, please contact us and request the ReThink Chapter Start-up guide.

Please request a faculty/administrative member from your school, library, or community institution to nominate you and other student leaders to start a chapter. This member can be a teacher, administrator, counselor, or community leader. This adult can also serve as an advisor/administrator for your ReThink chapter, or they can nominate another member to serve as advisor.

Nominators, please use the Chapter Nominations Form below to nominate student leaders! If you would like to nominate an advisor other than yourself, please mention their contact information in the form.

Submit form below to nominate ReThink Chapter Ambassadors for your school!

Chief Chapter Officer(CCO) - The executive student leader that will spearhead the ReThink movement at your school

Chief Chapter Technology Officer(CCTO) - A talented student leader that can help build an individual chapter web-site for your school’s chapter and work with school technology department to implement ReThink for school devices.

Chief Chapter Activity Officer(CCAO) - An outgoing student leader that can plan activities to spread the ReThink message.

Chief Chapter Fundraising Officer(CCFO) - A savvy student leader that can help organize and grow chapter finances.